10 Unbelievably Amazing Ideas for Doors

3. Brightly Colored Sliding Door

3. Brightly Colored Sliding Door

I personally love style. Where ever I can put some style in my home, I jump right ahead and do so. Whether its style with color, my furniture and with doors just as well! Yes, doors! These 10 amazing DIYs will help give you ideas of how you can change your doors and turn them into absolutely stylish art pieces. It is not every day you get to see doors that have be revamped and look stylish. So this will be your opportunity to go all stylish with some doors in your home. And as for me, you cannot be stylish with doors unless you bring sliding into it.

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  • 6.DIY Unique Clocks

When you will have a beautiful piece on your wall, it will attract everyone to look at it and subconsciously alert them on what time it is. It is time you change your old fashioned clock or that one with a crack and one arm is not working anymore. I am going to give you 17 mind blowing ideas on how to make your own fancy and beautiful clock for less cash. Are you ready? Now let’s explore together.

Mid – Century Starburst Clock

Who remembers old school? Doesn’t this piece look like an old school clock? It is very affordable. All you need is a small and simple working clock and pieces of papers folded into diamond shapes. Trace them on the wood, cut it out with a jigsaw and smooth the edges then stain it. Next, make grooves and glue the skewers into the grooves. Lastly, glue the clock into the sunburst and add your batteries and enjoy your cute authentic looking clock.

DIY Mantel Clock

Maintain the style and show the skills you have got by crafting your own designed clock. It is timeless classic and inexpensive. You can build it in different shape and size of your favorite and will grace your house with an outstanding beauty.

DIY Clock End Table

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Who said table tops should only be a plate of wood? Check this out, isn’t it beautiful? I dare you to try this project. It will flow compliments in your home.

DIY Clay Clock

And another project to get your hands dirty has kicked in. It is fun to do with your kids, teach them to be creative. They will enjoy it to make their own clock and put beside their studying table. It is also a good bonding activity for the family.

DIY Book Clock

Have you been wondering how to decorate your library? This DIY book clock will be a good idea. It captures the theme. Instead of having just an ordinary clock on the table, this will be better off.

DIY Unique Clocks

Repurposing is money saving and fun. In DIY, anything can be transformed to something else and serve great purpose, even the old ones. To the farmhouse decoration ideas, here is an option.

Wall Sunburst Clock

This is a very simple project. You just need wooden sticks glued on one focus and attach the arms to it. Say hello to sunrise with a sunburst clock on your wall.

DIY Moon Clock

From the sun, let’s jump to the moon. Oh, to be honest with you, I love nature. And here is a great piece with nature feel on it. Basically, get a photo of a moon in black and white, print it and cut it out by tracing it under the round shaped wood with a hole at its centre. Paint the sides and back of the wood in black. Then glue the cut moon photo at last. Enjoy!

DIY Wood Slice Clock

You need a slice of wood, clean and disinfect it before starting to work with it. Make a hole, yes it will be tough but it is possible. Insert the clock mechanism part using hot glue, let it dry and paint the numerals. Now you can hang it on your wall.

DIY Woody Clock

Using reclaimed wood, old CDs of 20th Century, clock arms and the battery part, you can make this clock. To personalize it, you can add texts of your own to keep it more interesting.

Colorful Clock Wall Décor

This is more of a decor than a functional clock. It is a beautiful pattern of multicolored clocks that lightens your lonely walls. You just need to make clones of wooden clocks as much as you need to cover your wall portion.

Bicycle Wheel Wall Clock

Do you have a spoiled bicycle? Are planning to throw it away? Please don’t. I think it has gotten something that it can be useful for; a wall clock. As rusty as it is, it can serve a purpose.

Repurposed Domino Clock

This is another unique wooden clock that you can yourself by repurposing the dominos to help you tell the time, stuck on a wooden slice. It is an interesting craft.

DIY Vintage Clock

Bars of wood aligned together to give a round shape with clock arms and painted numerals complete this art. It is beautiful. The arrangement is perfect; you can do this for a studio, for vintage photo shoots.

Wall Photo Clock

Do you love photos so much? Well, you can stick them on your wall but this time in a unique way; a way that they speak time. It is a brilliant idea and I love it.

Framed Photo Clock

Or a better version of the previous project is to put your photos in frames. And the quote you like at the centre. It is now both; an album and a clock. The wall looks amazing.

Cross Stitch Clock DIY

It is made by the craft hoops, stitched cloth, a piece of a box and the battery mechanism part. It is easy and cheap. It is a full product of hand craft and it looks gorgeous.

Rustic Wall Clock

A powerful statement is a wall clock, especially a hand crafted. Here is a rustic one. It is a beautiful piece for your wall that you will never ever regret.