10 Wonderful Ways to Show off Your Pictures Using DIY Tricks

10 pegs and a string in a frame

10 pegs and a string in a frame

Pictures are a great way to hold on to old memories, if you are bored and tired of ordinary frames and photo albums. We have made a list of 10 Wonderful ways to show off your pictures using DIY tricks we have made a list to help you pick out the best option.

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1.Nice, bright and welcoming. This piece would bring so much color and gives visitors a sense of being wanted.

2.You don’t always have to paint it, have it as rusty as it is with paper blunting to give it a colorful finish. This works in all parts of the house

3.Use your pallet as the back ground for your art. Nothing complicated necessary just a big letter can do. Personalize and use the first letter of your name.

4.Show your patriotism to your country by painting the flag of your country on a pallet and hanging in your house. It is inexpensive and very stylish.

5.Perhaps a dull uncolored pallet isn’t what you are looking for. Try and ombre of your favorite colors. Make it more personal with a little quote.

6.Show your crafty side with an arrow pallet. This is perfect for studio apartments and lofts.

7.The gratitude pallet art is not only perfect for decoration but useful too. One can jot down daily what they have accomplished and they are grateful for.

8.Let this easy to make piece of art welcome your guests to your warm and beautiful home.

9.This pallet gives a chic and stylish finish to any room in the house. Can also be used for males make this with calmer colors.

10.Consider customizing your pallet art with using scrap paper. So cool and personal.

11.Perfect for an outdoor deck, beach house or pool house.

12.Photo frames are so overrated and overdone. Consider a pallet plaque where you can clip your pictures and event motivational quotes to keep you going.

13.Give yourself some luck with a lucky sign pallet with a horseshoe.

14.Create a sign with a pallet. It’s inexpensive and it looks way much better than signs bought in the shop.

15.Hang your robes and coats in style with a hanger pallet.

16.Get creative and pen down those crazy thoughts on a pallet. Amazing for bedroom decorations.

17.Get a few small pallets and join them together and paint a shape of your choice. You will amazed at how this makes for such a great living room decoration piece.

18.Cute embroidered pallets for those girly girls. Perfect bedroom and this can be an inexpensive gift for a friend.

19.Create memories with pictures and a little quoted message on the side with this cute pallet frame.

20.If you are vintage lover this one is for you. This is an inexpensive way to include vintage art in your home.