12 Beautiful DIYs for Your Hanging Plants

11. Kitchen Plants

11. Kitchen Plants

There are many ways to bring some of your plants indoors, so to serve as part of your décor. One of these creative ways is by hanging some plants to hang in any room you please. Hanging your plants is unique, considering that plants usually sit on the window sills or the tables. By hovering your plants, you will be able to make the room stand out and look different most. Here for you are some incredible examples of how you can add in some hanging plants into your home.

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1.This is a beautiful idea of a spilling flower pot, it has a nice and different feel from the traditional standing pot and it comes with the easy added bonus of simple watering.

2.This brilliant idea of a watering can with the water flowing out is amazing and actually easy to make. With some chandeliers attached to a string to make the water, and a rood to hang the watering can on,

3.If you have a tree in your garden this idea would be great for you. Simply hang some tea cups with some string from the branches of the tree. Feel free if you want to write some small affirming messages on them as you please.

4.Your lawn doesn’t have to be boring, it could be made into any shape or design you wish it too, here is one great one below, be creative and try out your own.

5.A pebble walk could also bring peace of mind, have this beautiful walkway by making different colored pebbles on your walk way in any design.

6.Rock paining too is a great idea, with a little time on your hands the whole family could jump in to add a little touch.

7.These are cheap and easy accessories to get from a gardening store, just to add a little spunk.

8.This fairy dust idea is a great way to bring life to your garden, beautiful for night time quiet evenings.

9.Get you an old tricycle and create this beautiful garden piece, a great and innovative idea.

10.Here is some added spunk to your garden, art is always a great way to express yourself even in the garden.

11.Add these garden art plant sticks to your garden with some of these cool art items, it’s a great way to bring spunk to your garden.