13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage

13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage 2

13 DIY Ideas for Kitchen Storage 2

I don’t even know much of where to start when it comes to kitchens. So much happens in there. It’s even hard to keep up if you know what I mean. It’s always a challenge to take on with both hands when trying to add ideas to the kitchen. Plenty of people would tell you to just save your energy and time and invest it into something else more productive and effective. Remind yourself why you want to start this and keep going.

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The fridge takes a lot of space but there is always some space on the side that is left. You can use that space for something simple and elegant. Move all around the place and pick a nice spot where you know it is stable. Cut some wood and put it on the side of the fridge. It would be better if you can get as much pieces of wood as you can. Not too much though.

Every kitchen has one of those drawers or cabinets that are not being used or just empty for no reason. If you had no plans for it, then turn it into a storage unit. You can keep up the kitchen appearance with no extra costs. It’s not always a dream to have things of your own. Use some small drawers that you don’t use and put them inside the cabinets and screw them onto the back and sides. Another option for you is to cut wood and use it as a basis to start creating or building your unit. It’s not difficult at all. Go low as possible.

I believe everybody has this problem. Think of a scenario where you have to put your spices in a messy order in a small drawer. It breaks off letting other things in. You know that you are home right where you belong and need things to be as organized as they should be. You don’t want to worry at all. Put things right where they belong. You can get the full process and it’s very easy.

Pull over and let your imagination take over. Almost giving up on what you cannot explain is obvious. Today is a new day and things will go alright. Make use of the baskets lying around in your house. Use them to their full advantage. It will look much better hanging next to the edge of the cabinets. It’s the same thing over and over. Knowing there is every reason makes it easier. You can make the baskets yourself. Again no pressure. Get some pieces of wood and us them as the base. Make use of all the space available unless you are saving it for something else. There is a lifetime supply of baskets in a lot of places. Take yourself on an adventure into your imagination.

Kitchen paper sometimes gets lost and tangled in other types of storage. Make a small cabinet that can hold at least up to 2 or 3 kitchen papers. Put some rods inside. Preferably they should be metal rods. Make them take shape. Share the space with maybe a few cloths. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a bit of review is going to be easy. Don’t get it twisted. Select any panel that you want. Get any types of wood. If you don’t want to spend much, then use plywood and save yourself some extra money. Never forget the process.

Get some pieces of wood and fix them together after broken down into equal sizes. Connect them and make a simple ladder. I know all the short people would like this. Now you can store things as high as you want with no complications. Stop asking people to always carry things for you because you cannot reach. Expose the utensils you have always wanted to but had no space to do so. Put them I plain sight.  Uncover everything you want to.

We all have those type of things we put in jars because we want them to be safe. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time. The problem is that you cannot always locate what you want and also the fact that you want to keep more than just simple things. Sometimes you want to put valuables and other things inside. Some to just lock away. Make some jars yourself and customize them or just use the jars that have already been used.

I remember how I saw this in my previous trip out of the country. I was impressed by this idea. It’s simple but it speaks volume. It really goes a long way. Never forget what you wanted to cook. Make plans and put them down on a kitchen blackboard.

Don’t make it too loud. Fix on simple but colorful wood. You can paint or just spray on it. Whichever method you pick am sure will work. Although in this situation I would prefer choosing the spray method. It’s quicker and much easier. With paint, you will have to wait for it to dry up and also the fact that it doesn’t come cheap.

Pull out the masses. Smooth out the wood so it doesn’t scratch or leave any marks on your fridge. You don’t want to mess that up and explain to your angry wife. It doesn’t matter the order. Claim all the pieces and places them on top of each other and glue them or screw them together.

If you have any materials lying around in the house that can be useful, then great. But if you don’t, then no harm done. Get to a shop and get some metal rods and hooks. Fix them together. Don’t get stuck the way you see things. Everyone wants to be happy in their own way. It will not change a thing.