13 Incredible Hacks for You to Use for Kitchen Décor

13 Incredible Hacks for You to Use for Kitchen Décor: 4. Hooks For Pots and Pans

4. Hooks For Pots and Pans

As we all know, there is need to keep the kitchen neat, tidy and clean. A tidy kitchen can definitely help motive one to cook. The way the kitchen can more or less reflex or showcase the characteristics of the owner. An organized kitchen is a must have for everybody. If you agree with these then do take a look at the kitchen hacks that we have here for you. These hacks will help you with making a few changes in your kitchen to promote a neat, tidy and clean kitchen.

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Wooden Crate

People have always found a way to use wooden crates as part of their décor one way or the other. This, for you, can be the perfect way to do so. You can place your plant in the wooden crate and then attach some strong rope to the crate and attach the ropes to the ceiling. The advantage of using a wooden box is that it is strong enough to hold one of the big plants you want.

Bamboo Stick Holder

There are so many advantages that come with using bamboo for some of your home décors. The beautiful golden color and the flexibility of the bamboo make this DIY perfect for you to use to make a holder for your hanging plants. You can make any pattern you please with the bamboo and make sure it is firmly stuck together so to ensure that the plant is held securely. You can then choose to use some rope with a matching color to that of the bamboo to hang the plant.

Plant Boxes on the Wall

These little boxes do not have to be ordinary boxes. You can have them made using any material such as wood or even some wire. You can then stick these little boxes to the walls of the room then place the plants into the boxes. You can choose any pattern to attach the boxes to the wall so that the design in which the tables are stuck can be used as part of the room décor just as well.

Corner Hanging Plants

The corner is the perfect place to place some of your hanging plants. This is because there is likely to be less commotion and disturbance for the plants and, there are fewer chances of the hanging plants being pushed down and falling off. You can use a shape for the plant holders that will fit in perfectly into the corner.

Table Top Holders

For this DIY, you can hang some table tops and place the plants onto the securely fitted table tops. This idea is excellent if you are to place a few plants on the table top. This is so to avoid any fallings and shakiness of the table top holders.

Vintage Lamp Design

Because you will be using a rope to hang the plants, you might as well make sure that the rope has been tied up to make a pretty design. With some twists and ties, you can have a vintage lamp design made using some rope. You can have some extra detail included such as some beautifully carved out and painted a piece of wood.

Window Hung Plants

As we all know, plants need some sunlight so to go through the process of photosynthesis. So, to ensure that your indoor plants get some sunshine, you can have them hanging by the window. You can use some beautiful colors for the rope and plant pots so that they blend in well with the colors that are by the window and in the rest of the room as well.

Hanging Shelves

You might have already heard and seen hanging shelves, but surely you have not seen hanging shelves that are made specifically for plants! The pieces of wood that are used for the shelves can have gaps in the middle. These gaps will be to place the plant pots so they can sit on the shelves securely. You can have the holes made in different shapes and sizes so to cater for the different shapes and sizes of the plant pots you will use for your plants.

Plant Racks on Pallet

If you are not a fan of using a rope for your hanging plants, you can give this DIY a try. It involves making a rack for you to hang your plants. You can have the frame made by using a wooden pallet. On the pallet, you can attach some things to hold the plants such as some wire baskets or even some rings to place the plant pots.

Hidden Wooden Shelves

Unlike the ordinary shelves, these can easily be hidden by the plants themselves. You can put on these shelves some overflowing plants so to make sure that the shelves really will be all covered up. The covering up of the shelves will give an illusion different plants being stuck on a board with roots, thus looking like a beautiful piece of art.

Kitchen Plants

Did you know that you can quickly grow your veggies and spices right inside your kitchen?! If you choose to do this, you might as well use some hanging plants. You can also hang the plants directly on the window so to ensure that the plants a tasty and healthy. Enjoy you some healthy fresh veggies with this DIY!

Sideways Ladder

For his DIY, you can have a plant holder that looks like a mini ladder made. You can then hand the little ladders sideways. This way, you can easily place your plants between the steps on the ladder, and they will be safe and secure.