14 Halloween Funwith DIY

9.Wooden Halloweened Spoons

9.Wooden Halloweened Spoons

We know Halloween is around the corner. Are you stressed on how to redecorate your home with easy, affordable and unique ideas? Well, don’t stress out. You’re too healthy for that. Guess what, I have all you need to hear, I have collected best 14 projects that are not only doable, they are also fun for Halloween. You don’t have to budget a lot and fail to warm up during the winter, here are minimum budget ideas you can ever find and I promise, your kids will be happier. As a matter of fact, you should do these projects with them. They can try themselves or even help with school Halloween decoration team. Hureeey, sounds like someone’s gonna scare people.  Alright, alright… Let’s begin.

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  • 2.Tattered Tormenters

Ghoulish Ghosts

You only have to spray some white paints on the gourds. Then paint black after the white paint has dried, draw different facial expressions and let them dry before you cover them with the cheesecloth to give the final ghostly look.

Tattered Tormenters

These are flowing ghouls from the roof or tree depending on where you want to hang them, indoors or outdoors. You definitely need hanging hooks, cheesecloth, Styrofoam balls and black marker. If you will choose to hang them in your yard, that will be perfect because there will be an additional effect to it which is the wind making the ghosts dance.

Halloween Ghost Host

What a breathtaking welcome greetings you can offer your guest? This is perfect. Materials needed are chicken wire, cheesecloth, spray adhesive, fake skeleton and some hardware.

Halloween Window Silhouttes

Add a little flame on your window and give it a highlight of the day. Draw your images on a cardboard that you would want to display it and attach from the inside. Enjoy the spiced up window.

Pumpkin Scarecrow

I like the electric powder effect on this creepy outdoor decor. Keep it high enough for the ghost’s eyes to see all Halloween visitors in your compound. That angry face, mmmh no one will want to look at it twice.

Wicked Pumpkin Witch

I believe you all know the wicked witch. And I will make a confession that I am a big fun of the wicked witch character in the series, “Once Upon a Time”. Ii don’t think it will be a bad idea to add this little crazy character in your Halloween party.

Wheelbarrow of Bones

This is another simple craft that is effortless and costs no time. If you have a full skeleton, all you just have to do is disassemble it all. Then fill the wheelbarrow with dirt or mulch and dump the bones and one fake black crow.

Witches Brewing Spot

I believe ghosts have their hiding posts and where they chill, laugh, discuss or the funny scenarios they have had with humans. I wish I could join once if I could understand the language. Well, that doesn’t matter. You can create this image yourself. In case you were wondering how the eerie mist from pot was achieved, the trick is simple; cauldron with dry ice and battery powered light.

Cool Pumpkin Path

Honestly, this is the cutest thing I have seen for Halloween. I don’t mind having this look for Christmas as well. Just have a number of pumpkins and orange Halloween lights, the rest is just your visualization and creativity to get this ambient glow in front of you house.

DIY Halloween Cemetery

I have never been to a cemetery before but I have made one for Halloween 2015. It was an interesting project until turned into nightmares. You can do can do this by the front entrance door. Super!

Menacing Ghost Mob

Well, this is way too much evil sauce…it is on the screen but still scares me. If you want Halloween to get real in your house, this is the project you should do. This ghost mob will scare anyone that wants to cross their path.

DIY Spooky Wreath

This s a DIY project you can do with your kids. A wreath themed into Halloween by the fake spiders, papers and a skeleton head will achieve this easily. Get creative and leave a Halloween note in a unique way.