14 Unique Ways to Makeover Your Furniture

14. Uniquely Chic Furniture

14. Uniquely Chic Furniture

I find it really difficult to have to keep the furniture for a long time. I am always looking for ways to redo my furniture so that it always looks new and beautiful. If you are like me and are interested in ways to give your furniture a makeover, then you are at the right place. Take a look and all these amazing ways you can change your furniture to give it a new look. You will be impressed with these ideas and DIYs because they are quite creative and easy to do!

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Today, I want to share with you some rustic décor ideas for your bedroom. I hope you like them.

Amazing Storage Idea

You can store things in your room and still manage to make it look pretty. In fact, the storage hack is the pretty spot of it. Here is what a pallet can do. Hang those make up brushes on your wall, near your mirror and explore your beauty.

DIY Rustic Headboard

A bed without a good headboard is not complete no matter how big it can be. If you are considering rustic detail to it then you can use make a simple headboard using wood and later paint two coats of brown paint that will give you a rustic look.

Wood Accent Wall

I saw this rustic art in a hotel room last winter and believe it or not, it gave me the best sleep ever. There is something about accent walls, they bring that cozy feel and sort of “you are not alone”

Barn Wood Craft

So, ignore the dog on the bed…he really wanted to find a soul mate on my website. What’s behind him is super cool. Its roughness is flawless. These are just random wooden bars which you may pick from an old building.

DIY Wooden Headboard

It is quite classic it and stands as a focal point which reflects the warmth in the room. The lights on top illuminate its beauty that embraces the bed and I assure you peaceful sleep with this rustic design.

DIY Pallet Headboard

Pallets will never run out of fashion. Everyday DIY brings more projects to do with pallets. They are popular and very functional. Don’t complain that you cannot afford a headboard if you have a pallet at home.

Vintage Window Frame Headboard

It is a beautiful décor and an art. I did this for my bedroom sometime back and my son loved it so much for a fact that he could visualize himself teleporting through the walls back into his room, hahaha! Weird, right?

DIY Rustic Wall Letters

Anyone wanting to go romantic? Well, here is a deal. Make some huge rustic letters, attach them to your bedroom wall, just above the headboard and surprise your spouse when he or she comes back from work. Let it shout good morning for you every single day.

DIY Rustic Bed with Drawers

If you have a small bed room and you have so many things to keep in it but you still don’t want it to look crowded, perhaps you should consider this; maintain your rustic theme and maximize your space. Make your room breathe.

Barn Door Headboard

You probably already have a barn door somewhere in your store room and you do not know what to do with it or maybe you don’t have at all. Don’t worry, a barn door is easy to make. Once you have your barn door, just attach it to your bed and enjoy the new rustic look.

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Buying a bed platform requires a good pocket. But DIY suggests you make one which is easy than you can imagine. You don’t need to be a carpenter to make a bed.

Rustic White Headboard

If you want to maintain the brightly flawless white color and rustic feel in your bedroom, you can make a huge headboard with unequal horizontal ends. Then roughly paint it in white, just in one coat.

DIY Rustic Shelf Headboard

Shelf headboards are gaining popularity these days. You may want to give t a try and change the look of your bed. Be careful not to put heavy or too big objects and top to avoid the risk of things falling on your head while you are asleep.

Beautiful Tall Headboard

This is basically a barn door that is painted white to correlate the color arrangement in the room and of course white doesn’t take away from the idea “rustic”

DIY Wood Block Headboard

It is an adorable art. It looks super fancy and expensive but is something that you can do with your gifted hands. Everything about it just leaves me speechless. It is a creative work to appreciate.

Three Modes Bed

Have you ever seen a bed that can play three faces? It deserves to be called a “Chameleon Bed”. Lift it up to have your living room space, pull it down to sleep on or turn your coach into a second bed and accommodate your guest.