15 Christmas Ornaments You Should Try

8.Sheet Music Christmas Ornaments

8.Sheet Music Christmas Ornaments

We have been stuck on Christmas ornaments sold in shops and limit ourselves from trying new things. You know, good thing about trying things on yourself is you have a room to adjust decors to you preferences, maybe to match your house theme, color and so on. It builds up your creative skills and makes you feel good about yourself for being able to create your own ideas and polish them how you want them to be.

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Dotted art painting

This first fantastic wall redecoration idea simply needs a colour palate of your choice and a few round shaped objects to press the paint against and a little time to create your masterpiece. Use things of various textures to leave different imprints.

Arrow photograph frame

This neat DIY trick allows one to show off your pictures in an artsy symmetrical manner. The cut outs make it seem as though the make shift picture frame is an arrow. This blend goes well with black and white pictures and adds a sense of class to the room.

Rainbow paper collage

If you love colours this idea is just for you. Have different coloured paper and spray paint over them. Cut them into various shapes and stick them to a canvas to create your wall art. It will add a smile of a rainbow to any room.

Tree 3D DIY

Trees are great in any shape and size and they make great additions to wall art.

Fake paper bag wall art

Paper bags usually have great designs and can be used to add a touch of colour to a wall. Why not make your own with this easy DIY trick and use just glue and coloured paper.

Gold plated leaves on a frame

Leaves are unique and give of various impressions. This idea is great if you love nature and want to capture its beauty. Go picking a few leaves. Glue them to a frame then spray paint it. The gold makes it look classy and beautiful.

Buttons on a wall

Buttons are great accessories. Even when they are oversized and stuck on a wall. This idea used plates of varied sizes and some paint and rope to get a desired look mimicking a button. It adds a bit of a unique touch.

DIY rainbow canvas dye

This is a beautiful way to combine some of the colours you love with gold rivulets. It’s perfect art for a family room or a lounge.

DIY Log picture décor

Logs are great, they work well for various designs and in this case make great art for picture frames. They act as a centerpiece. All you need is a string and a few of your favourite moments.

Easy butterflies on a wall

This easy DIY butterflies are great to make in various colours to stick to the wall in your kids rooms. They are fun and can be made with the kids, under supervision of course.

DIY stick art

Geometrical art will always look divine on a wall. Even when all that is used are sticks.

Crafty plate art

Use different shaped plates with different designs to place on your wall to decorate

Mini picasso art

Get your young one to join in on the fun. Give them a black canvas with sticky tape here and there to add a bit of style to their art work. You can keep it on display to show off the talent in the family.

Easy DIY heart art

This DIY trick Is cute for love letters and to place postcards on your wall. Simply dip on end of your pencil in paint and get dabbing.

String wall decor

Tie some string around a block, dip it in paint and press onto paper, the pattern formed is unique and artsy.

Clothing peg picture display

This is a cute way to display your pictures if you are tired of using frames. This easy DIY trick will add a glamorous look to your wall.

Pattern collage

Cut out different square-like shapes of different papers and stick them to one paper. Frame this and you have a work of art.

Dotted wall mural

This time cut them into circles. Get the kids to help tick them onto paper.

DIY sponged pattern covers

Wrap different sized square sponges in different material and get creative gluing them on top and next to each other to make some geometrical art show case.

Easy leafy artsy crafts

Leaves are unique and will always make great art work. Spray paint a few patterns onto a canvas.

Baby feet butterflies

For baby rooms use their feet to let them remain young forever. Use body paint on the feet and make butterflies, place their initials on the same canvas.

Crafty cross hatch animals

Draw an outline of an animal you want to display and use this DIY method to make it stand out.

Full fancy cloud art

Clouds will always be beautiful to look at, make your own and place them on your wall. It would look great as a strip of wall paper in a babies room.

DIY lemon stain prints

Lemons have unique prints, but dont limit yourself to lemons use other fruits or vegetables as well to get desired wall art prints.

Bubble wrap wall art

Don’t be so fast to throw away your bubble wrap, use it to redecorate and get a beautiful bubbly print.

Wavey DIY wall art

If you are into circular shapes this DIY wall art trick is just what you need.

DIY metallic log display

This idea is perfect for people who like collecting antiques and just the feel of the olden days. Get a few plaques and keep them on Display.