16 Ways to Use Old Jeans for Something New

16 ways to use old jeans for something new idea 10

16 ways to use old jeans for something new idea 10

Have you ever think about creating something by using old jeans? This is absolutely work for DIY Lovers. Your old jeans are not rubbish, you can easily make some useful tools from old jeans. It is possible to make cheap gifts from old jeans, it so easy and don’t forget ! it will be a handmade gift. So we collected some great DIY work by using jeans for you.

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Garden Bench

This is quite a simple way to make a garden bench, but, as much as it is simple, it is also quite creative. Bamboo is quite strong, meaning that it is safe to use as the sitting part of the bench. The bench legs can be made with some wood and then the seat with some bamboo. With the larger bamboo sticks, you will only need to use a few, but, with the thinner sticks, the more they are, the better, so to ensure the strength and safety.

Plant Divider

There are so many ways that one can divide their flower area and their lawn area, but, using bamboo sticks is the most creative and natural. Instead of using some plastic dividers, you can simply cut up some bamboo sticks into any pattern and size you please, and use those as your plant dividers. This promotes the use of more nature in your gardens.

Creative Garden Shed

Who says that your garden shades have to be plain and boring looking? This DIY breaks those boundaries. You can use bamboo sticks to make your garden shed. Worry not, because you can also get to make some creative and unique shapes for your garden sheds. Using bamboo sticks for your garden shed will help show your creative side.

Inclusive Bamboo Decor

You can do just about anything with bamboo sticks when it comes to decorations. You can make simple décor pieces, and at the same time, you can use the bamboo sticks to make or build some beautiful infrastructure for your garden. You can easily stick, rope or nail together some bamboo sticks, and come up with some beautiful and creative looking garden infrastructure.

Garden Light Shades

Some people are all about lights in their gardens or yards. This is to help make their gardens or yards look pretty and creative even when the sun goes down and night comes. If you are one of these people, then this bamboo garden light shade DIY is an idea you can use for your garden or yard. The DIY involves cutting up and carving out some creative and fancy shapes and patterns on some bamboo sticks. You can then place or plant the bamboo sticks in the ground. You can then place some bulbs or fairy lights inside the bamboo sticks. This way, when the lights are switched on, the shapes and patterns that will be carved out on the bamboo sticks will be where the lights will illuminate from, and also this will show off your beautiful creations.

Bamboo Arc

This DIY is perfect for events such as weddings or other outdoor events and parties. This idea basically involves making some incredible and unique arcs from bamboo sticks. This is quite possible because bamboo sticks are quite flexible, whether fresh or dry. On the bamboo arcs, you can then place some other decorations such as cloths and ribbons, all depending on the event.

Bamboo Stick Lights

There are two things that can make your outdoor decorations unique and creative for the dark. These two things are bamboo sticks and lights. This is all you need to make this DIY possible. Imagine walking out into your garden or yard, and having not only your way illuminated by some lights but, also enjoying the view that the lights are making. This will not only have you admiring the incredible view, but best believe that those who will see the bamboo stick lights will also be quite impressed and fascinated!

Boundaries with Bamboo

Some people do not like it when people step on their lawn or even enter their gardens. If you are just like this, then you can put this DIY to use. It involves using bamboo sticks and rope so to create the boundaries so to let others know where to go or not go. Best believe that these bamboo boundaries are as effective as any other boundaries. The only difference will be that this way is unique and will definitely add to the beauty of your yard or garden.

Outdoor Stair Railing

If you have stairs anywhere in your yard or garden, then feel free to use this bamboo idea. It involves putting together some bamboo sticks so to create a beautiful and unique stair railing. It isn’t every day that one gets to see such creativity in stair railings. This will be your chance to do something different and creative for your railings. You can put the bamboo sticks together in no particular order, just as long as they serve their purpose as stair railings.

Bamboo Balcony Railing

Believe it or not, but your balcony is part of the outdoors! This means that when it comes to outdoor décor, it must not be left out. One of the best ways to include some outdoor aspects to your balcony is by using bamboo sticks as your balcony railing. For this, you obviously need to make sure that your railing is strong and stable so to ensure its free use. You can also use this same kind of railing for your verandah. It will have the same effect as on the balcony.