17 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars

17 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars: 14. Mason Jar Mosaic

17 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars: 14. Mason Jar Mosaic

Mason jars come in handy on different occasions. They can be used for food storage or even for decorations. Here for you, are some absolutely incredible and creative ways and ideas that you can use mason jars. These DIYs are surely to impress not only yourself, but the people who will get to see them just as well. The DIYs are easy to do and quite affordable to make. They also allow you to re-use mason jars instead of throwing them away. Take a look at these amazing ideas and give them a try!

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1 – Flowered covered Arch

Flowers make everything pretty,  add an unpainted wood frame as your gate and it will seem as though you are entering an enchanted world.

2- antique gate

A plain arched white gate gives any garden an antiquy feel.

3 –Little red door

Is your favorite color red? Want to paint your garden red but don’t want to overdo it? Paint your gate red with this fancy DIY look.

4 – peek-a-boo accent

Want to show off your garden but not too much? Use this wood frame with an iron window for a lovely flowery touch.

5–Barred Archway

Wood painted white in gardens always adds a magical feel, add bars and its wonderland.

6 –pointed doorway

This is a simple yet classy way of letting everyone know you take your gardening very serious.

7 – Celtic knots

Celtic knots always adds an air or mystery to whatever they are attached to. This gate will have everyone wondering what is going on in your garden.

8 –Moongate

Separate your garden into two parts with this simple yet effective Zen like moongate.

9 – Garden tool gate

Have some old tools lying around? Use them to make a gate.

10- Marble details

If you love marbles and are tired of your plain wooden gate, drill holes into your gate and put in the marbles. The sparkles will be a have a colorful effect on your garden when the sun is out.

11 – vintage accents

If you are not into over the top things, this is just for you. Simple, easy to make and it blends right into your garden.