20 Amazing Corner Shelves Ideas

1. Box Shelves

1. Box Shelves

I always like trying new things for my home decor. It is not always easy to find new and unique ideas for shelves, but, for you, here are 20 easy and yet amazing ideas for corner shelves. Corner shelves are absolutely unique and very creative. Truth be told, it is not every time you find corner shelve, so why not be that exception and bring into your home these brilliant shelves. Dare to be bold and different and impress others at the same time.

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Indoor Hanging Garden

As the photo stands, these are light bulbs which had defaults like being burnt. Their transparency, shape and size is perfect to use them for many things such as a mini miniature, light bulb aquarium, Christmas tree ornaments or display a mini garden hanging in your house.

DIY Storage Jars

It is so difficult to avoid preserved food nowadays. They are everywhere in supermarket and most popular ones are tomato paste. Well, after you are done with it, do not throw its jar because you can maximize your storage space in your kitchen without any cost.

DIY Bottle Light

I like drinking with friends during weekend. I always find myself with so many bottles when cleaning and somehow I looked for projects to deal with them instead of throwing them away. Here is one of the projects you can also do.

DIY Seatbelt Key Holder

When doing service for your car, seatbelts can come to your notice that they need to be changed. You don’t throw the old ones; you can recycle them just like this.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

When seeing the bottom picture without seeing the first picture, it is hard to tell that those are plastic bottles. They are beautiful centerpieces to decorate your place on your table.

DIY Redecorated Plant Vase

You may change the look of your plant vase of your garden to be more illuminating and bring more life to your garden by using old CDs to stick them on its walls. Now, they look super expensive while in real sense, they are far from such vocabulary.

DIY Turtle Toys

Again, this is another project than can be achieved by transforming the plastic bottles. Save the world from global warming and recycle the plastics in such fun way. You can do this with your kids, it will be more nice and a quality time to bond. You will also be maximizing their creativity which is good.

DIY Chandelier

Chandeliers can be extremely expensive. I touched one at some store and the price just blew my mind. Well, that didn’t mean I could not have one; it meant I could make one.

DIY Recycled Toiled Paper Rolls

I have seen so many projects out of toilet paper but this is my favorite. You can even tell from a far that this stunning wall art is made out of the toilet paper rolls you always throw away.

DIY Recycled Tires

I have been watching ‘Once Upon A Time’ series and there is this wishing well I saw which I found it cool and thought if I could design one as my planter for my garden. Well, I saw these and I think they aren’t bad ideas to try at all.

DIY Industrial Pipe Light

Industrial pipes are quite popular in DIY world these days and I must admit that this project here is absolutely amazing. This is what ‘thinking outside the box’ means.

DIY Recycled Tapes

Take me back to those days when tapes were on chat. If you still have them in your store room or library, then I recommend this project for you. It is an adorable piece of art that will leave millions of compliments in your home.

DIY Fancy Fork Decoration

You can make photo frame stands using your old forks. Not just that, you can use them as notice paper holder or even hooks to hang your goodies instead of the ordinary ones.

DIY Tire Rims Stove

Who could have thought that one can cook on the set of the tire rims? Well, somebody did and this the product of his thought. It is a brilliant idea and better option for outdoor cooking.