Amazing Small Bathroom Decorating Tips and Tricks

8. A bathtub with a shower

8. A bathtub with a shower

One of the great challenges of moving to a small apartment is the bathroom. As they are getting smaller and smaller, it is difficult to think of how to make a different, beautiful and special decoration. So I decided to gather tips and ideas to make up the small bathroom decor.

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-PC Stand The best way of enjoying to operate one’s PC is when the area of placement is cordial. Here is the idea of how to make one’s PC stand out of local wood. With nails and a hammer, the fitting is easier than you could ever imagine and the fact of not having done carpentry is a non-point for the art of carpentry is not a prerequisite at all. With the shape of the stand roughly designed on a piece of paper and some amassed energy, you just have to cut the wood accordingly, bring the hammer and nails to work and join the pieces of wood as sketched out on a piece of paper after which you paint it the color of your choice.

-Phone Stand, cushion as a phone stand. Why run to a supermarket or shop to purchase a phone stand when here is the easiest way of making a stand that’s adorable and made from materials gleaned just from inside your house. A cushion is a soft bag of some ornamental material, stuffed with wool, hair, polyester staple fiber, non-woven material, or even paper torn into fragments. You just have to make this in relation to the size of your phone. Who said phones are not worthy of soft surfaces too?!?.

-Holder for chargers Are you tired of the monotonous trend of confusing phone charging cords and sometimes forgetting where you would have placed them the last time you were charging your phone. Here is a user-friendly holder that spares you the job of having to remove the cords after completing charging your phone. You just have to leave your cable there and the next time you want to recharge you don’t have to scratch your brain as to the whereabouts of the cord.