Best 30 DIY Projects Your Kitchen Space

Best 30 DIY Projects Your Kitchen Space 26

Best 30 DIY Projects Your Kitchen Space 26

The worst thing to come home or walk into is a kitchen that is messy after a long day when all you want to do is prepare yourself a nice meal and relax. Of course some of this is due to laziness but most of the time the kitchen itself is unwelcoming and doesn’t even give the inspiration needed to clean it. Well there is a much easier way for you to bring a different look to it by using wood pallets, the wood pallets ideas are beyond imaginable but below we give you a fine collection of our favorite 30 ideas, enjoy.

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Bamboo in a Box

This DIY is just as simple to make real as its name sounds. For this idea to work, you have to put some bamboo sticks in a box. The box can be made from any material you please, and it can have any shape and color. To make bamboo stand in the box, you could choose to stick them in there, or you could use soil or sand to support them as though you have planted them. You can add some detail to your box of bamboo by simply adding some lights to the box so that the light illuminates creatively.

DIY Bamboo Table

By sticking together some bamboo sticks, you could easily make yourself a beautiful and unique table base. For the top surface of the table, you can use glass. This is so that everyone can easily see the incredible base and admire it while they are at it.  This table can be used anywhere, and for anything, you please. You can place a vase of some bright and pretty flowers on the table so to finish the look.

Candle Holder

Does it get more creative than this when it comes to using bamboo indoors? This idea is brilliant and unique. This candle holder brings the perfect earthy feel and looks into you indoors. To round up the look and feel, you can place some pretty pebbles and marbles around the candle holders.

Bamboo Barred Wall

This DIY is quite easy to follow involves placing some bamboo sticks in a large frame so that the sticks can form a barred wall. A barred bamboo wall is both an easy and creative to do décor for your indoors. This wall would look wonderful anywhere you place it. There is no wrong when it comes to this barred wall.

Simple Bamboo in Vase

If you are all about keeping your indoor décor simple but effective, then this idea is just for you! This DIY allows you to do the bare minimum and yet still allows you to bring nature indoors and create a beautiful atmosphere. This simple bamboo in vase DIY décor can look amazing against any background you choose.

Bamboo for the Bathroom

There is something about nature that brings forth a relaxing and calm feel to some people. If this is how you feel about nature, then this is a DIY that you need to give a try. Imagine bring nature into your bathroom to help with the calming effect and at the same time give your bathroom a unique and creative look. With this idea, you can easily achieve this image.

Bamboo Color Decor

To help with the bringing together of using bamboo indoor for decor, you can base your décor color theme on the color of the bamboo that you will use. If you are using dry bamboo, then you can cooperate with some different shades of the brown color, and if you are using fresh bamboo, then you can use some different shades of green so that everything blends in perfectly with the bamboo.

Unique Light Shades

It is not every day that you get to see some unique light shades such as these. They bring a modern feel into your décor and a sense of uniqueness because it isn’t every day you see light shade made out of bamboo. Others will agree with this as soon as they see the creativity of the light shades.

Bamboo Room Divider

This room divider not only does its job, which in this case is dividing rooms, but it also decorates the rooms in which it is placed. The bamboo sticks do not have to be placed in a particular manner. You can use different patterns to place the bamboo sticks. You can use this opportunity to let people see your creative side from the way that you would have the bamboo sticks placed.

Open House Bamboo Decor

For those of you who live in open house themed houses, then you can use this bamboo DIY in your home. It involves using some bamboo sticks so to divide your home or the open spaced area partially. This will divide the rooms in a way that makes it look like they are not exactly divided. To perfectly create this effect, you can use thin bamboo sticks. The bamboo sticks that you can use can be of different sizes and can be either dry bamboo sticks or fresh bamboo.

Stair Railing

Bamboo can easily be used to make a creative and brilliant stairs railing. There are several ways that you can place the bamboo sticks so to achieve just about any effect or look that you want the railing to be creative. This is quite a unique DIY that will get people who get to see it complimenting its creativity.

Bamboo Wall Decor

This DIY is another easy and affordable idea that you can use for your indoor decoration. It does not need much to make this décor. You will need to place some bamboo in random patterns so that they can stand against the wall. To achieve the best effect, you can make sure that the color of the wall is either darker or lighter than the color of the bamboo sticks.

Bed Base from Bamboo

I don’t know about you, but I think this DIY is one of a kind. What’s involved in the making if this bamboo base bed is making a raft or sort out of bamboo sticks. You can choose to glue the sticks together, rope them, or nail them, whichever you find the strongest and safest. The raft shape will be the one that you will use as a bed base. This will help bring that natural feel and look into your bedrooms.

Beautiful Mirror Frame

It doesn’t get more creative than this! Image not only admiring what you see in the mirror, which will well be looking you but also getting to admire the frame that you will see around the mirror. This frame does not have to be your everyday ordinary shape or style. You can get wild and creative with everything concerning this frame, including the color and size of the pieces of bamboo that you will use.

Bamboo Bed Frame

There is something about using bamboo for your home decor that gives it an out of the ordinary look and feel. By using bamboo sticks to make a bed frame, you allow this feel and look to move to the bedrooms just as well. This, plus the feeling of being surrounded by nature will definitely help create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the bedrooms.