Creative Diy Projects Ideas

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 2

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 2

A wood stool is a common furniture item found in practically any house and it is convenient for a wide variety of purposes. With regular use the wooden stool may end up looking old and worn out. But, do not throw it away because there are various things you can do to give it a quick facelift and make it look like new. You could easily refurbish your stool by adding some cushion to it and repainting it.

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DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

This DIY involves using metal pipes to make the shelf holders. For this to look great, you will need to make sure that the pipes and caps that you will use have a metal that doesn’t quickly lose its color and does not rust easily. You can choose to paint over the pipes with colors that will blend in well with the rest of your room décor.

Industrial Table

To make this table, you can simply use metallic pipes for the base of the table. You can join together some straight pipes and some “T” shaped pipes to make the base. You need to make sure that the colors of the wooden table top will work well with the colors of the pipes that will be used. You could also use a glass top for the table. This table would work quite well no matter the room it will be used in.

Industrial Coffee Table

This is quite an easy to do idea. You can dismantle a wooden crate and then put it together to make this table. You can use the natural color of the wood, or you can put some vanish on it to make it a little darker. This plain wooden table can work wonders in when it comes to the way a room looks.

DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

If you happen to have a large wire spool and do not know what to do with it, then this is the perfect DIY for you to try out. You can cut up the wire spool into two, then use one side to make a coffee table. To make this creative coffee table even better, you can have it in a fading version of the color of the wood it is made of.

Wheels on your Table

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to tables, many like to be able to move them around with so much easy. If you are one of the many, then give this a try. This DIY works best for the larger and heavier tables that are quite difficult to move around.

Two Step Table

For more space on your table, you can give it a bottom table top. You can use some nice and shiny pipes to separate the two steps. You can also use some simple pieces of wood to make this table. Simplicity is key when it comes to décor sometimes.

DIY Pipe Coat Rack

You can use this pipe rack as a coat rack.  For the hooks, you can use some industrial pipe hooks. This coat rack is quite stylish and it can also have some shelves added to its bottom. This way, people can hang their coats on the hooks and they get to leave their shoes on the bottom shelves.

Industrial Home Shelf Holder

For this DIY, you can use different materials. For the main base of the shelves, you can use some metal pipes, for the shelves, you can simply use some wooden pieces and finally, to hold the shelves together you can use some strong and thick rope.

Wooden Shelves

You can never go wrong with wooden shelves. To make these ordinary shelves look industrial, you can hold them up with some metal pipes. The pipes can be of any color, just as long as the color of the pipes and the color of the wood work and in hand. It is an important part of making this shelf work.

Simple Wood and Pipe Furniture

The way that wood and metal pipes work well together when it comes to furniture will have you changing all the furniture you have. This is because to can make any kind of furniture from this pair. You can make some simple pieces of furniture such as tables, shelves and lamp stands.

Metal Stand Shelves

For this metal stand, you can use a metal a metal ladder, or you can choose to make one from scratch. If you use a metal ladder, you can easily spread its legs and you can place some wooden shelf bases. You then make sure that the wooden shelves are well fastened to the ladder steps so to make sure it is all secure. That is all that is involved in making the shelves.

Creative Lamp Stand

You will absolutely fall in love with this lamp stand. Not only will you love it, but those who will see this lamp stand will also definitely love it! You can have your cables wired so that the lamps can be switched on when the valve is turned. This is quite an impressive piece to use as decoration.

Tissue Roll Holder

This could be the simplest DIY there ever was. It simply involves using a stand made out of pipes as a tissue holder. That is all there is to it. You can use this holder for tissues in the bathroom, or for serviettes in any other room.

Wine Glass Holder

You can use industrial themed decorations in just about room in your home, and this obviously includes the kitchen. A great way to bring this theme into your kitchen is by using it to make a wine glass holder. You can use a wooden plank and some nails to make this holder. You can make the color of the holder a perfect complement to the color of the background on which the holder is placed.

DIY Closet Storage

For this DIY, you can use a connecting metal pipe. Attach some shelves to the pipe and then you can use the bottom part of the pipe as a tack where you can hang your clothes on some hangers. This DIY does not have to specifically be used in a bedroom closet; it can also be used as storage for coats and hats and can be placed by the entrance.

Mesh Box Lamp Shade

This DIY could work well if the rest of the lamp stand is made out of some industrial material. To complete the look, you can then use a mesh box as the lamp shade. It is quite easy to do. This DIY brings out the simplicity of the décor very well and this will completely change the look of a room. If you are going for the simple décor look, then this DIY is just for you.

Elbow Pipe Light Holder

What you will need to make this light holder is to connect some pipes together. You have to make sure to use some elbow pipes. The elbow pipes are where you will connect the light bulbs. You can attach this lighter holder to the wall so that the lights will be well illuminated.

DIY Laundry Bag Holder

This is an easy to do DIY. You can not only use this holder for your laundry bags, but you can also use it to hold up any other kinds of bags, whether they are storage bags or garbage bags.

Pipe Wiring

An absolutely great way of hiding your wiring or cables is by using industrial pipes. This will help you with keeping your cables hidden and at the same time bring in some extra decorations for the room. You can paint the pipes in a color that makes them part of the decorations.

Outward Plumbing

This may sound like not such a good idea, but hear me out! For this DIY, you have to make sure that your water pipes are set up in a pattern that is welcoming to look at. You can also have the pipes hang from the ceiling so that they are stable. This DIY is great for bathroom sinks.

Pipe Book Shelf

The pipes that you will use for this DIY have to be attached in a way that they make a zig zag pattern of some sort. This book shelf is better to use for hard covered books because they can easily stand on the shelf.