Creative Diy Projects Ideas

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 5

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 5

A wood stool is a common furniture item found in practically any house and it is convenient for a wide variety of purposes. With regular use the wooden stool may end up looking old and worn out. But, do not throw it away because there are various things you can do to give it a quick facelift and make it look like new. You could easily refurbish your stool by adding some cushion to it and repainting it.

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Mini Cabinet to Table

If you are tired of that little cabinet or feel like you do not have a use for it, you can simply turn it into a table. This will mean you will have yourself a lovely table with a storage area inside it. This way, you can get to store the things you need to have close by when using the table. This also means you can use this table for activities such as art and crafts, and keep the things you use in the storage area,

Vintage Suitcase Table

If you are into creativity, then you will absolutely love this DIY. It involves making a wooden table and using a vintage suitcase as the top of the table. With this table, not only can you place objects on it, but you can also place some others inside the suitcase top!

Decorative Stool

You can easily transform a plain stool into a top-notch decorative stool. One can do this simply by adding little detail to the stool and painting over the stool, to give it a new look. This is one of the simplest DIYs there is to transform sitting stools.

DIY Shabby Chic Lampshade

To make this lamp shade, you can simply use some cloth to make incredible detail for the shade. You can use the cloth to make detail such as flowers. Take into consideration that the color of cloth that you will use to make the detail will definitely affect the color of the light that the lamp will bring out. The darker the cloth, the darker the light will be.

Rustic Cabinet

If you love the rustic theme, then you definitely will love this DIY. To achieve the rustic look, you can simply use sandpaper to lightly brush of the dry paint especially along the edges of the cabinet. This will make the paint on the cabinet look as though it naturally withered over some years.

Tribal Furniture Transformation

To make this DIY, you can use stencils. This way, the patterns that you put on your furniture are perfect and also easier for you to do. This DIY is also very unique. It is not every day that you see furniture with such amazing patterns. You can choose to make the stencil on your own, or simply buying. The color that you will use to paint over the stencil has to work well with the color of the furniture as well.

Paint Over

Paint can change how a whole piece of furniture looks. This also means that the room where the furniture is, will have a big change as will. The colors you choose to pint over the furniture can determine whether the furniture will look better or worse. You can simply base this according to the color theme of the other furniture un the room.

High and Style Furniture

Sometimes, furniture that has a lot going on in terms of detail and feature tends to not look so classy. If this is the case with your furniture, you can reduce the detail or features thus creating a new and lovely piece of furniture.

Cabinet to TV Stand

This DIY involves changing a few things on a cabinet to make an absolutely amazing TV stand. You can simply remove the drawers from the top of the cabinet so to make some space so to store things such as the remote or some speakers. You can also plaint over the cabinet so that its color goes well with both the television and the wall it will be standing close to.

Shabby Chic Drawer Pulls & Cabinet Hardware

To achieve this look for your furniture, you can use a sand paper to chip of the paint off parts of the drawer pulls and cabinet hardware, just like you do when making the rustic theme. This is an absolutely creative and unique DIY for you to try out. Just that little detail will change the look of the entire piece of furniture.

Floral Paint

If want a unique and artsy look for your furniture you can do a floral painting onto the furniture. This means that you will be painting a floral pattern, or any other pattern of your choice onto the already fully panted piece of furniture. The pattern you paint onto the furniture definitely has to be artistic.

DIY Classy Furniture

If you are going for the classy and pricey look for your furniture, then this is a definite must try for you. It involves adding to your furniture some classy looking detail such as adding hints of gold and other colors associated with a class. You can do this by painting over the knobs to doors or to drawers. Just a little detail will do all the work to achieve the look.

Blue Painted Buffet

Color has the power to change a lot about your furniture. For this DIY, you can paint over some of your furniture such as cabinets with a shade of blue you consider lovely. If you use a dark shade of blue, you can place the painted furniture against a bright colored wall, and vice versa, so that the color absolutely pops out.

Uniquely Chic Furniture

You can use the most unexpected things to add detail to your furniture. For example, you can use a lace cloth as a stencil.  This way, the patterns on the lace will be those on the furniture as well. Considering the fact that laces usually have detailed and absolutely beautiful designs mean that so will your furniture.