Decorating With Driftwood Around The Home With Amazing DIY Ideas

30 driftwood mantle piece

30 driftwood mantle piece

Driftwood DIY boats: These boats are cute and would be made with or for the kids. They liven up a room.

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1.Pine Cones Bedding: Gather these together as the bottom layer of a garden bed or around a tree for it’s protection.

2.Stick on Trellis: Glue wire holders and accompanying wire to an outdoor wall.

3.Floral Box Sign: Simple cardboard boxes, spray paint, flowers and lettering make a great welcome-sign.

4.Relax on Blocks: Put a daybed or sofa on beams supported by cinder blocks.

5.Chandelier Birdfeeder: Replaced a chandelier inside? Well use the old one to help “mother nature.”

6.House Tree: Tree Houses are more common, but this is really a house made from a tree. So cute for little elves and gnomes.

7.Allium Chicken Wire: Combine your love for onions, flowers and fences with this idea – make a sphere from this fencing wire

8.Bucket Table: This board on top of a large bucket doubles as a table and a storage container.

9.Pipe Pebbles & Plants: Repurpose pipe, tubing or conduit into south-western style stone and cactus planters.

10.Little Candle Lamp: This is totally a budget setup – get the PVC pipe from a friend, get everything else from a dollar store or your home.

11.Rubber Mat Molds: Cement in a rectangular wooden frame and a decorative rubber mat on top will make these greatly patterned stepping stones.

12.Livestock Feeder Bins: You may not have any cows and horses to drink or eat from this big bin, so use it for added privacy with tall growing grass.

13.Wine-Bottles in Line: Use the most colorful wine bottles up-side-down as a walkway or garden liner.

14.Rectangular Stairs Rising: A stairs-riser (without steps) and some long planter bins can add an uplifting setup to your overall garden.

15.M-&-M Stones: Make delicious super-sized candy pieces from the roundest, most spherical stones.