Great Ideas For DIY Countertops

Great Ideas For DIY Countertops 1

Great Ideas For DIY Countertops 1

We all know that a great kitchen is defined by the first reaction a person has when they enter it. The biggest and usually what stands out first is the flat countertop that is usually there in every kitchen. You may have an amazing kitchen but the countertop might throw it all off. We suggest that every kitchen have a different unique but elegant countertop to complete it. Below we have tried to give you a compilation of ideas that will work great in any kitchen, enjoy!

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  • 8 driftwood book support


2.driftwood stair railing: This touch adds a unique touch to your home. Make sure you get a lovely long smooth piece of driftwood.

3.driftwood candle holder: If you want to stay closer to nature this idea is for you, wrap your candle holder with little sticks of driftwood strung together.

4.driftwood planters: Driftwood makes a great planter for new plants and will look great in your backyard.

5.driftwood home signs and hangers: Use driftwood as a sign holder and to write words like home or welcome and add that extension to hang a few jackets.

6.driftwood candle holders: This is a beautiful earthy look for any home. Use it to add a touch of your personality.

7.driftwood jewelry hanger: Driftwood is lightweight and easy to use, it supports many things such as jewelry if you use pins lodged into the driftwood.

8.driftwood book support:  Driftwood looks great so why not use it to support your books on a stand or on a shelf with this DIY trick.

9.driftwood frame: Driftwood can help you make frames for both big and small things. In this case we have a big mirror, it looks great in that room with all white décor, the balance is perfect.

10.driftwood seed planters: If you are looking to start gardening, driftwood is great for starting out seedlings. They offer support and the water drains well.

11.driftwood décor: This ship shaped decoration uses a few pebbles and string to add a playful touch to your décor, you can place this in the living room or give it to a friend during a house warming party.

12.driftwood ceiling lamp: This amazing DIY trick gives you a great look in any dark room. It can set the mood for a lot of things like romantic dinners and would work great in a movie room.

13.driftwood picture frame with twine: Make a picture frame out of driftwood , it looks amazing the simple effect the colors will have against the driftwood, try to find a darker shade of driftwood and have your picture in black and white for maximum effect.

14.driftwood clothes hanger: Clothes look great when hanging outside a wardrope. Use driftwood to make an easy DIY clothes hanger.

15.driftwood stacked shelf: Make this easy DIY shelf using driftwood, paint over it and stack the on top of each other. Pin them to your wall and put a few things on display.

driftwood grand table stan: This grand table stand is made from driftwood, place a glass table top over it and you have this amazing DIY table stand.

17.driftwood chime: Chimes are beautiful, use driftwood to make wind chime with your kids or friends. It will have some beautiful memories attached to it.

18.driftwood Christmas tree: If you can afford the green Christmas tree or are simply tired of this common practice, Did you know you can make a Christmas tree out of driftwood, add a few decorations and enjoy this unique look.

19.driftwood home décor: Driftwood is light and easy to manipulate. Don’t be afraid to paint over it and align them in a way that pleases you. Whites and blacks are great colors for home décor because you can put them anywhere.

20.driftwood flower pot: This amazing DIY project makes a flower pot out of driftwood and it hangs from a tree in your garden.

21.revamp a vase with driftwood: Old vases don’t need to be thrown away, you can redecorate them with this simple DIY trick that uses driftwood.

22.driftwood seashell wreath: If you are looking for something to do why not make this simple seashell wreath using little pieces of driftwood and twine.

23.driftwood home decor mirror frame: This is another way to use driftwood as a frame for your mirror. This is a more detailed and intricate frame. It will look amazing in your home.

24.driftwood DIY waterfall: If you are working on your garden, this wonderful addition of a waterfall using driftwood will make you gardening pro. Get your DIY tools out and get to working. It will look so natural in your garden.

25.driftwood wall art: Driftwood  comes in many different shapes and sizes which is why it is so great to use it to make wall art.

26.driftwood pin up hangers: This is for your jewelry too. Use driftwood with different pins to hang your necklaces from.

27.driftwood décor on a seahorse: The smaller pieces of driftwood can look great on different animal shapes in your kids room.

28.driftwood bathroom decor: This coily round driftwood bathroom décor is the epitome of DIY decoration, it looks great saves you money and will last for a long time.

29.driftwood in tubes with flowers: Driftwood is great artsy catalyst. Add a few twigs in a glass test tube with small flowers and you have a work of art that is pleasing on the eyes.

30.driftwood mantle piece: Mantle pieces are centerpieces for any piece of work. Driftwood gives the good looking safe, cute and cozy feel to any piece of furniture. This table uses driftwood to keep on with the theme of natural earthy colors already in the room.