Hommade Easy And Creative Gift Ideas

10 DIY Handmade Easy and Creative Gift Ideas 2

10 DIY Handmade Easy and Creative Gift Ideas 2

Something given to someone without the expectation of payment is known as gift. Gift is an unexpected thing which brings smile to the recipient’s face. Generally gifts are given on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, weddings, birthdays and many more, but it is not forbidden to give gifts without any occasion. They can be given any time. Now when we hear the word ‘gift’ from the giver’s point of view, first thing which comes to our mind is money. There are many questions, which we think of related to the prices of gifts like should the gift be expensive, what is the person going to think if the gift is not expensive, what if the present I want to gift is not in my budget etc. No need to think about all these things because recipient never thinks of the price of gift, and if money is the only thing that stops you from giving gifts then we have a solution to this problem and it is ‘homemade gifts’. Yes you heard it right, we can prepare many handmade gifts which will not only bring smile to the recipient’s face but will also force the recipient to keep it with him or her for the whole of his or her life. Below are few ideas to make gifts for your loved ones yourself.

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Halloween Crates

You may have lots of milk crates in your store; pick out three or the same or different sizes. Now, begin by painting them in orange. I like orange because it is not too dark and too bright, it will work for both day and night. Then find nice thick tree branch, cut it into three pieces and tie them on either side of the three crates. Add with the hemp rope as your ribbon to complete the wooden art. Ta-da, put them on the stairway.

‘Halloweened’ Fireplace

Can you turn the fireplace into a little cemetery? Yes you can. And this is how. Add number of candles to your fireplace that has no fire at the moment. Then pumpkins toys, you can paint some in black. Hahaha, then the scary part is the crows on a dry piece of branch. Lastly; add a black bow to complement everything.

Halloween Chandelier

Well, you don’t have to buy a new chandelier for this project. All you need is your egg box, orange ribbon, little eyes (which you can paint instead) and a black paint. Imagine how the eyes will have Halloween treat every corner of the house. No escape from the roof.

Pumpkin Ghosts

Now this can be a real Halloween. If you have kids like mine, oh please don’t try this. I remember my son having nightmares for a whole month after this project. Anyway, it was fun though. These are simply pumpkins cut artistically to suit all sizes, shapes and emotions. Of course, they have to be scary. Then you add the light effects at night with the Christmas lights or any of the like.

Halloween Emonji

Since “emonjis” are on trend now, why not DIYing Halloween emonji? All you will need is wooden bars, and paints. Create your own expressions to create your own Halloween atmosphere. This will perfectly suit to be the welcome note on your doorway corner.

Flamed Ghost

How about a hanging fire ghost? It is not hard to create and honestly, it is doesn’t take time to do this project. Just get creative and let the screams begin.

Halloween Doorway Dolls

Most of the parents have tried this project with their kids and it has proven excellent. It is really interesting and it gives you an extra bonus of bonding with your kids, know how creative they can be.

Father Halloween

We not only have Father Christamas, We have Father Halloween too who can be chilling on his spot and scaring anyone passing by it. It can work both ways as an indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration.

Wooden ‘Halloweened’ Spoons

Where are your cooking sticks? Please bring them out; they have got a little job to do. So as usual, you paint them and add the little faces by their base. You can dump them in an old water can or flower vase. It is a simple cute decoration.

The Halloween Door

Hey, it is Halloween. This is what this décor will be shouting. It is a very beautiful idea for your apartment. All neighbors won’t help but notice this sophisticated art which rings alarm of notification, “Today is Halloween”

DIY White Ghosts

Simple tricks can change the total look of your house. I personally don’t like to walk to the same looking house every day, I get bored. This doesn’t mean I buy new furniture, new paints, new decorations each time, I just twist little tricks and treat my house with new looks that can excite me and make me feel renewed. This is one of the tricks.

Simple DIY Ghost

This is the easiest of all. No much energy or is needed neither are the materials. This could be a surprise standing behind the door for whoever will open it, meets open armed ghost ready to take someone.

DIY Pumpkin King

Have you ever come across doors with a sign saying, “beware of the angry dog”? Well, I saw lots of those in Africa. They usually do that to keep people away from the compound especially kids. Well, so the whole point is to scare people. Here we go; we scare people too with a pumpkin King. Cool!

Skeleton Wreath

Bring back the anatomy of the human. There’s no Halloween without skeletons. They compliment the occasion than anything. And honestly, this wreath has embraced the Halloween atmosphere just how it is supposed to be.

I hope you liked the ideas above. Please leave a comment on which one you have liked the most.