Hommade Easy And Creative Gift Ideas

Something given to someone without the expectation of payment is known as gift. Gift is an unexpected thing which brings smile to the recipient’s face. Generally gifts are given on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, weddings, birthdays and many more, but it is not forbidden to give gifts without any occasion. They can be given any time. Now when we hear the word ‘gift’ from the giver’s point of view, first thing which comes to our mind is money. There are many questions, which we think of related to the prices of gifts like should the gift be expensive, what is the person going to think if the gift is not expensive, what if the present I want to gift is not in my budget etc. No need to think about all these things because recipient never thinks of the price of gift, and if money is the only thing that stops you from giving gifts then we have a solution to this problem and it is ‘homemade gifts’. Yes you heard it right, we can prepare many handmade gifts which will not only bring smile to the recipient’s face but will also force the recipient to keep it with him or her for the whole of his or her life. Below are few ideas to make gifts for your loved ones yourself.

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1.For the problematic plants that seem to grow and take over the space in your garden, simply cut the top off the pot and bury it , this way the roots will grow as deep as they want but the plant wont overgrow on the sides.


2.Instead of having to redo the landscaping all the time and digging with the shovel as the seasons change, here is an idea that will make swapping out your seasonal plants much easier.


3.To make it easier to move the plants you could fill them up with foam as shown above, less hassle for you.


4.To give your garden a calcium simply crush egg shells like this, make sure to sprinkle them with a nice spread and not cluster them.


5.Small pets and animals can be easily kept away this way, especially at the infancy of the plants .


6.For those with a small yard that still want a garden, this is an easy and great idea to get to have your own little garden, this container is lightweight and perfect size.


7.Baby diapers can also be used in the garden. YES, this helps keep the moisture in your plants.


8.Because of the way espom salt is rich magnesium and sulfate we suggest you mix a couple of tea spoons in your watering can once or twice a month for the nutrients and health of the plants.


9.The cooking water from vegetables can be used to add nurture to your plants, a great tip that can be done everyday.


10.Don’t throw away those citrus peels, they can really come in handy when it comes to starting your seedlings.


11.You can make a raised garden bed by using these bricks in any location, and you can make it to any size you want your garden to be, very cheap and neat looking.


12.It is always a hassle when we find that the soil has soiled out, avoid this by lining the pots with coffee filters, a great tip!


13.You can get a good start on your garden by first using egg shells to plant your seedlings in.


14.This idea helps you grow rosebushes with the help of potatoes, an innovative idea.


15.This helps for easier and deeper root watering and it gives an overall great result to the plant itself.


16.With your old soda bottles you can make lots of these and leave them indoors around the house, they make for great indoor gardens


17.To help with growth it is usually encouraged to do this pinching, helps plants grow with healthier leaves


18.Place a trash can strategically this way and when it rains you will have more than enough water to water your garden