Incredible DIYs for Valentine’s Cards

12. Simple Colored Card

12. Simple Colored Card

Giving gifts and cards is a norm for Valentine’s Day. This year, instead of having to buy some cards to give to your valentine, why not make them on your own. This way, Valentine’s cards will have an added value. They will have a personal meaning to both you the giver and the person to whom the card will be given to, th receiver. The awesome part about these DIYs is that they are not costly to make, and are also not difficult to make. Here are 12 great DIYs for you to try out.

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  • 13. Elegant bathroom

Small bathroom 2017 Whatever the price category is your future bathroom, always choose quality finishing materials, otherwise, it may happen that after a short while new renovation may not be in the best shape.

How to create a beautiful and comfortable interior in a small bathroom? Today we will share practical advice on an optimal arrangement, secrets of visual space expansion and modern design ideas of 2017.

Design of a Small Bathroom

Try to adhere to a single style in the design of a small bathroom, combined with a toilet.

For a Small Bath

For a small bath, the presence of extracts is significant, since high humidity contributes to the formation of fungal formations.

Plan to Place a Washing Machine

Also, think about precisely what kind of bath you want – angled, built-in or on legs; where you plan to place a washing machine, bidet or washbasin.

Choice of Tiles

An important issue is the choice of tiles. From its quality, material, a color will depend on your mood and the durability of repair.

Classic White Tiles

Always a win-win option – classic white tiles, but the green color will refresh the interior of the small bathroom

Bathrooms For Child

Do not forget about the details – they create in the room that atmosphere and comfort, which we so need after a busy day. It can be anything that pleases your eye: a beautiful mirror, accessories, lovely shelves, textiles and even a charming picture, harmonizing with the overall interior.

Arrangement of fixtures in bath

Pay particular attention to the light scenario. The correct arrangement of fixtures, sconces, chandeliers or spotlighting is the key to the success of visual perception of space.

In a Small Bathroom

In a small bathroom try to apply no more than two types of finishes. These will help visually increase the space. So, for example, as shown in the photo below. Here, white marble used for the walls, and a shell made to order made of the same stone. The floor covered with wood. The room looks luxurious and at the same time neat, including the decorative niche in the wall attracts particular attention.

Wooden Panels in Bathroom

This room not just lined with wooden panels. Designers masterfully adjusted the pattern of the veins lines – it smoothly flows from one panel to another. Wood decoration creates a feeling of coziness and warmth. A highlight is a highlight in the niche. It gives a modern touch to the classic interior, attracts the eye and distracts attention from the white toilet.

Contrast in Bathroom

Quite interesting can look contrast reception. The upper and lower part of the walls is entirely different, both in color and in texture. The top covered with bright painted wallpaper, and the bottom lined with painted panels. A more expensive finish strikes immediately in the eye and very favorably illuminated by natural light coming from the ceiling hatch.

Impressive Bathroom

The design of the small bathroom on the next photo looks impressive. Although the room dominated by two types of material and a neutral color scheme, thanks to the non-standard picture in the form of books on the shelves, it looks very original. In this case, the beautiful vegetation in white pots on the windowsill adds a touch of color.

Compact Bathroom

A peculiar atmosphere of this room given by a light game and forms. Just look at the ceiling arch. Just an excellent example of when the bathroom is too compact to such experiments cost you a considerable amount. The image of the trees on the wallpaper splendidly beats the wood paneling of the floor and walls. The illuminated arch creates an effect of the depth of space. It seems that somewhere there is still a forest. The shape of the arched wall reminds the door, and due to the illumination, an illusion created that it is ajar.

Elegant Bathroom

Elegant simplicity does not have to cost you a fortune. Noble color and exquisite painting on the wall gives the bathroom a luxurious look.

Modern Ascetic Interior of Bathroom

Experiments with a mixture of styles are welcome. Against the background of the modern ascetic interior, this bathroom looks glamorous and quite exotic. It’s all about catchy wallpaper with a vegetable print and an antique luxury mirror with a backlight.

Creative Composition in Small Bathroom

Creative composition in small rooms can play a significant role. In this bathroom, a toilet bowl with an old tank is a critical element of the scenario. The right accessories will add colors and textures.